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about us TTGroup as a company began in 1945 in London Ontario Canada. It was started by a young entrepreneur named Earl Lyons as a sock manufacturer. He had the idea that people returning from the war would be tired of wearing drab khaki colours and began making socks in brightly coloured argyle patterns. Earl's dynamic personality and enthusiasm soon lead to the company expanding into footwear - shoes, boots and slippers for men, women and children. The company grew and became the largest supplier of footwear to the Canadian market. When Earl's time with the company came to and end, several employees purchased it. To this day, TTGroup is 100% Canadian owned. It has grown and expanded over the years and we now have facilities in London Ontario, Quebec City Canada and Aurora Missouri USA. Toe Warmers is one of many successful brand names consisting of boots for women and men. It is comfortable everyday footwear in medium and wides widths and loaded with fitting features. Perfect for where you need to go. And always...
The TTGroup Family in the business of comfort for 75 years
Made in CANADA Guaranteed WATERPROOF
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